How to Increase the Performance of Your Smok Pen

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How to Increase the Performance of Your Smok Pen

The Smok Pen is an electronic writing device which allows you to write on paper while you are smoking. If you don’t find out about the Smok Pen, it is just a small electronic device that is used like a pen, but instead of writing on paper you are writing vapor on a cartridge and it sends that writing out through the cigarette. The Smok Pen works much like a real pen, except that you don’t have to hold the pen in your mouth as if you would with a real pen. Instead, the pen is held in the hand so that you can write.

To get the Smok Pen working you will need to get some sort of power source. There are several options for power, including batteries, wall outlets, USB cords, and of course the Smok Pen itself. To get the energy to your Smok Pen, you will need to ensure you have a wall outlet available. You also will want to make sure that you have a battery for the smoke pen. Usually a 22mm rechargeable battery will be sufficient for an excellent day’s writing. If you want to go further you can purchase a charger and connect the pen to a USB port.

To be able to use your smok pen you will need to use a USB cable for connecting your pen to your computer. Almost all of the computers will charge your battery and it will be ready for writing right away. However, if you have one of the newer computers that will not automatically charge your battery, you might have to press the energy button down for a few minutes to ensure the battery is fully charged. Most of these newer computers will recognize when you are finished writing and will automatically shut off before it gets too hot to touch.

If you’re going to utilize the Smok Pen at home, you will need to charge the battery or keep it fully charged constantly. Since the Prolong warranty is for two years, you are not obligated to utilize the pen forever. However, since it is a top quality device you should at the very least continue to charge the battery. You can certainly do this by connecting the pen to your computer with the USB cord and then turning on the battery.

Once the pen has been fired up, you will need to plug in the USB cord in to the computer. You will end up prompted to insert your charge card into the key pad. Once you have completed this step, you can turn on the Smok Vaporizer and see how your new pen heats up. You will notice that these devices starts to warm up within minutes. This is a great thing to watch as it indicates that your new vaporizer is working properly.

The next thing is to fire up the pen and place the heating element in to the coil which is on the top section of the device. The resistance value will be indicated on the device. You can start to create on the paper that is located on top of the coil when the resistance value goes down. When you turn on the power button on the Smok Vaporizer you will be able to see a display screen to show you just how many milliamps of power are being used.

In order to upgrade the performance of the Smok Pen, you need to replace the airflow control component with a sub-ohm modulator. Once you place the new coil into the pen, it’ll cause the airflow control to work differently. The Smok Vaporizer is known for the ability to provide you with constant and controlled vaporizing even at the best wattage level. Both of these upgrades will help you to enjoy a lot more of the positive great things about the Smok Pen.

If you’re not ready to completely replace the batteries in your pen but would like to increase the maximum wattage and flavour you then will need to upgrade the wiring. Most pens should come with wiring already attached if a pen does not, then you will have to connect the wiring to the negative rail on your modulator. After you have successfully attached the wires after that you can attach the battery life and you will instantly notice a dramatic increase in the amount of flavour that’s produced by your pen. The increased wattage alone should be Juul Compatible Pods enough to improve your confidence in this great new electronic device.